Macroeconomics I


Macroeconomics I

Here you can find useful information about the Macroeconomics course. In each week, you’ll have access to the slides covered in the practical classes (in Portuguese and English) and to other important materials. You’ll also find Portuguese news which allow you to match theory with reality.

Office hours

By appointment.


Be aware that office hours are not private classes. This means that, prior to scheduling them, you should have studied the topics about which you have doubts, using all the materials available.

Timetable of the practical classes

Wednesdays: 14h30-16h00 at room 2E07.

Thursdays: 16h-17h30 at room 2E07.


Please be punctual. Access to classes will not be allowed 10min after the scheduled starting time.


To solve practical exercises, tests and exams, we will use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called Pluto.jl, developed for the Julia computing language. No previous relevant knowledge of computation is required.


It is mandatory to bring your PC to all practical sessions of the course.


A detailed guide for the installation of Julia and Pluto in Windows, macOS, Linux can be found here.

Course’s Materials


The slides only provide a summary of the subjects which will be used in the practical exercises. They do not cover all the contents of the theoretical classes which you should attend - theory related materials can be found here. The other files presented in this website aim to help you preparing for classes and during the evaluations’ process.

Week Calendar Topic Files
1 September 13 & 14 Introduction to Julia and Pluto
2 September 20 & 21 Introduction to Macroeconomics
3 September 27 & 28 Measuring Macroeconomic Activity
4 October 3 & 4 The IS Curve
5 October 11 & 12 The Monetary Policy and Aggregate Demand
6 October 17 & 18 The Central Bank, Money Supply and Monetary Policy Tools
November 2 Midterm (covering subjects from week 2 to 6)
7 October 25 & 26 The Phillips Curve and the Aggregate Supply
8 October 31 & November 6 The Aggregate Demand and Supply Model
9 November 8 & 9 Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy
10 November 15 & 16 The AD/AS Model with Zero Lower Bound
11 November 22 & 23 Fiscal Policy, Deficit and Debt
12 December 5 Review session
January 16 Endterm and Final Exam

What’s New?


Please consider that the entire content of the following news may not have been covered in the course. The goal is for you to understand their main idea. All the news are written in Portuguese.

Week Topic News Date
3 Measuring Macroeconomic Activity Exportações de produtos estão em queda há seis meses consecutivos November 9, 2023
4 The IS Curve Carga fiscal subiu para 36,4% da riqueza nacional April 13, 2023
5 The Monetary Policy and Aggregate Demand Euribor descem a três e a seis meses, mas sobem a 12 meses November 23, 2023
6 The Central Bank, Money Supply and Monetary Policy Tools Lagarde “emagreceu” o BCE em quase €500 mil milhões em junho July 5, 2023
7 The Phillips Curve and the Aggregate Supply Descida da inflação é improvável sem aumento do desemprego, diz OCDE September 6, 2023
8 The Aggregate Demand and Supply Model Vem aí a estagflação por causa da guerra? March 6, 2022
9 Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy Centeno alerta: inflação alta traz “inevitável recessão” November 10, 2022
10 The AD/AS Model with Zero Lower Bound Juros ameaçam bolso dos portugueses. Euribor pode subir acima de zero já em junho February 16, 2022
11 Fiscal Policy, Deficit and Debt Endividamento da economia acelera para 812,4 mil milhões até setembro November 23, 2023